OneWorld SouthAsia aims to be the place global citizens turn to for news and views concerning human development from across SouthAsia – the kind of news untouched by the mainstream media. We do not sell fear. Neither do we undertake to convey to our readers that they need not be concerned about what the world is coming to. At OWSA, we tell the story as it is.

We see the subcontinent as a brotherhood with a common history and with linkages to the same civilisation. This is why we spell SouthAsia without a hyphen or a space-gap.

We realise that citizens across SouthAsia aspire for their governments to work towards their welfare through functioning democracies that begin with, and go well beyond, the electoral process. The fulcrum of such an aspiration is a discourse on issues concerning the rights of citizens and addressing the development needs of communities.

With this in mind, OWSA strives to shape the lens through which its audience perceive and understand the SouthAsia region, and, the world at large. OWSA seeks to achieve this through a partnership with the audience that determines media selection and the curating of media content.

The OWSA way to do media centres on captivating audiences with credible, reliable content. How do we do this?

  • We provide unbiased news and information.
  • We deliver bold journalism that draws strength from the freedom of speech.
  • News on OWSA will be an honest telling of matters. We will never sensationalise news.
  • Content on the OWSA development news portal is curated to provide readers with a SouthAsian platform to arrive at their independent opinions and to discuss matters they hold dear to their hearts.