Submit a Correction

OWSA invites factual corrections from its readers and the public at large. We will promptly correct all published errors of fact brought to our attention, noting clearly both the error and the remedy and the date and time the correction was issued.

All corrections will be approved by the editorial; some corrections may involve consultation with legal counsel as well.

Readers are free to report errors regarding:

  • A major factual error that undercuts an entire news story
  • A minor factual inaccuracy
  • A typographical error such a misspelled name, a mistaken date or an incorrect number
  • An error in a photo or photo caption
  • An error in a video presentation
  • An error in a chart, graph or infographic
  • An error in a headline or Introduction/slug
  • An error in a byline or other credit for a journalist

Readers are requested to describe the error they believe merits a correction. Please be specific and cite any documents or other reliable information you believe might be helpful to our editors.

Where possible, kindly include the link to the particular story on which the error is being pointed out.