Privacy Policy

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We at OneWorld SouthAsia have adopted a set of guidelines to manage information on the news website that in intended to serve as the basis for a dignified relationship with visitors to the site and our esteemed readers.

The personal information

We care about the personal information of our audience and attach all seriousness to the privacy of the website’s visitors. Yet, in the event of changes in technology or the media ecosystem adversely impacting our current practices, especially with respect to the use of personal information, the changes will be posted on this page 30 days prior to taking effect.

Not a subscription based site

Since we are not a subscription based site, we will never ask for personal banking/financial details of those visiting our sites. However, we do not take any responsibility for visitors entering any third site advertising or announcing its presence or promoting its information or products on or through our website. We advise our audience to use their discretion when clicking on or entering a third party website while they browse the content on the OneWorld SouthAsia news website.

We care for you

We would like to reiterate that we understand and appreciate how much you care about how your personal information is used and shared. We take your privacy very seriously.

Feedback and comments

In the same breath, we insist on feedback and comments to be submitted with the name and contact details of the individual providing the feedback and comments.

We perform statistical analyses of user behavior in order to measure interest in the content on our news website for future content development purposes.

Third party involved

We will not provide this information to any third party unless required to do so under Indian law.

Request for information

If, ever, we are required by law to disclose any information provided to us by our readers, we will try and ensure that we give you notice (unless we are prohibited) that a request for your information has been made and give you an opportunity to object. We will send you this notice by email. If we do not receive a reply we will supply this information, which we are bound to do so by law.